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April 04, 2012


It was a tough choice to make, but I went with Lance Ford's Nashville Predators concept over Al Hollowood's Penguins concept.

The tie-breaker was that I hate Pittsburgh.

I liked the Kings re-brand the best. Can't believe it didn't make top 10.

A "rebrand" is not only a new look, but a new "direction" in how a team is going to market itself.
The Preds logo and the 2 Penguin logos are nice, but they're just different logos for the same concept.
I gotta go with Tyler's Spirit concept for giving the Vancouvers a total remake.

Congrats to the finalists. For me Gareth Webb's Sens design takes it just ahead of Lance Fords Preds. Great designs i could see the teams going for, well done.

As to what a re-brand is, i suppose its down to personal opinion, but these franchises have name recognition and value. You cant just chuck it all away. For me its a case of reinvigorating the team and fanbase, making it fresh and relivant again.

oops. My bad.
Only 1 Penquino made it.
Anyway, they're all good.
Congrats to the top 10.

I was really surprised to not see the Nashville Sound make the final list; however I am very impressed with all of the finalists.

the guitar playing tiger is fantastic.
the panther's wave/claws idea is great.
the vancouver logos are awesome. if i liked the colors, that woulda got my vote.
but the islanders one is great. where was that guy in 95?

ps check out tyler rodgers (vancouver spirit) web portfolio. fuckin eh

Honestly a little upset mine did not make the cut. Any feedback as to why?

Short answer: I liked 10 designs more than yours. Nothing to be upset about. Not all teams make the playoffs.

Tyler Rodgers' Vancouver Spirits got my vote. I mentioned it previously, but I love that he incorporated the native Haida art style into the main logo.

Solid effort by all contestants.

The only change i want to see on Tyler Rodgers' Vancouver Spirits design is a full outline surrounding all the little pieces of the logo. I just feel that the way the logo currently is, it doesnt feel as solid as it would with a full outline. But thats just me. Otherwise, badass design.

My vote goes to Vancouver Spirit. Good job, Tyler. Goodluck for the other finalist.

My favorite looking design is the Senator's, but when I think of rebranding a team, I think of starting over and trying to give a team a brand new identity, so I'm going to pick the Chicago Hawks. Just a lot of neat things going on in the logos and the colors.

Vancouver Spirits gets my vote. Surprisingly not as many as I expected (overall not just finalists) have the "NHL ready" look. Both Nashville designs were great also.

Wow, as owner of the "Cockerills" I am shocked to not see the other penguins design on there... I really can say there are 10 better designs than mine, and the first on that list isn't on here... bummer...

All jersey/identity attempts here are quite bad overall... you can really see the difference when comparing professional agencies to home-based freelance designer. A lot of work involved nevertheless which respect fully, but the PENS version? where is the actual penguin? and the wings in reference to a penguin? makes zero visual sense... pretty but useless. Other bad one include the Panthers = clip art gone bad. Nashville Hammers? hammer another name for a hockey stick? I've lived in CAN for 40+ years... never ever heard of that. Chicago's present branding is offensive? to who? if anything, it pays homage to the American Native heritage, a strong, powerful, attractive figurehead - saying it's offensive IS offensive, new look is so passive and feminine I honestly feel the players would revolt if presented to them = really weak.

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