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April 06, 2012


hahaha, it was funny Johnny, because I happened to open the website EXACTLY 1 minute after you posted that I won... and immediately, I went "hang on this cant be right", sure enough, I looked at the poll and CLEARLY my name isnt Tyler Rodgers with 85 votes. Thanks for the free 2 minutes of fame tho :)

announcement......?? uh oh...

Yep. Hope for the best, expect the worst.

Congrats, Tyler!

BTW, I don't think I'm going to like this announcement. :(


At least I can be proud of my 6th-place finish in the last for a while....

7th. I can't do math, I swear....

Sad to see PuckDrawn draw to a close. I'm not a designer but I've really enjoyed the blog as a frequent reader/voter. Thanks and good luck with your new pursuits, JG.

Congrats Tyler...

I'm sad to see PD come to an end.
I really enjoyed you and your site here Johnny.
Best of luck in your new ventures, and remember;
Don't sweat the petty things, and don't pet the sweaty things.
See ya.

Is Sportdrawn still gonna be around?

My question is who will be running the Grand Rapids Griffins design contest from now on...

I congratulate the winner!
I take this opportunity to also congratulate all the participants.

Is really unfortunate that puckdrawn closes its doors, i'm one of the newcomer here and I must say that I'll miss.

Thanks Johnny for the time and the opportunity that you offered us!

Thanks again!!
Good luck with your future projects!

Fabio B.

A man really sad info about this blog. Thanks for opportunity presents my sport concepts at this site. Shout out from Slovakia. Good luck to the future.

Peter CMDesigns

Really sorry to see this blog end. I don't have an artistic bone in my body, but I really enjoyed coming here and viewing all of the outstanding concepts.

Best of luck to you, Johnny!

Can someone post other good concept art pages besides icethetics and this one for myself and i assume others. Also I'd like to thank you Johnny and wish the best of luck.

I'd like to thank you Johnny everything and wish the best of luck to the future.

As somebody who grew greatly through competing on this site, it is sad to see it go away. Thanks for everything Johnny, best of luck to you!

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